Celebrate the Spirit of Independence This 4th of July With Beautiful Artifacts From Etsy Crafters

Happy 4th of July!

Boxtiq Blog: The Business of Art

4th Of July Etsy Products

Once again it’s that time of the year when the BBQ grills will be smoking hot in the backyard with a carnival spirit thriving high amongst Americans. Street fairs, picnics, parades, concerts – America is all set to celebrate its 238th year of Independence with a jovial atmosphere spread all around. Since this year the national holiday is followed by a weekend, it’s definitely a perfect time for family gatherings and parties. Not to forget the gigantic firework shows that brightens up every nook and corner of the nation with happiness and prosperity (which could go as high as 22 tons of pyrotechnics New York used in its largest firework display on Independence Day 2009). But apart from these firework shows and patriotic parades, what makes the occasion a true symbol of independence is the crafting generation. With Etsy’s 1 million active shops selling over $1.35B in 2013 total merchandise sales, it’s hard to imagine 4th…

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