Gemstone of the Day ~ Tourmaline


Pink Quartz Necklace, Watermelon Tourmaline October Birthstone, Pink Rose Cherry Quartz Contemporary Minimalist Everyday Office Jewelry

Pink Quartz Necklace, Watermelon Tourmaline October Birthstone, Pink Rose Cherry Quartz Contemporary Minimalist Everyday Office Jewelry

The Power of the Gemstone

Tourmaline is one of the rare gemstones that come in all colours of the rainbow. In fact, its name, tourmaline (from thuramali in the language of Sri Lankan people) originally applied to a variety of multi colour stones. Because of its multicolour nature, the tourmaline is also one of the rare semi-precious gemstones that easily evokes a genuine vibration of happiness and lightness of being. 

October Birthstone

October Birthstone Tourmaline is the only mineral, located on the earth, which have a long-lasting source of energy (like the sun). It is called a nugget of energy or electric stone. Metaphysically, this is considered to create strong channels of energy for clearing and purification, as well as protection. The piezoelectric property of the stone can help polarize people’s emotions and energy with a magnetic-electric charge that appears when the crystal is rubbed or heated.

Tourmaline Jewelry ~ Contemporary Everyday Office Jewelry

This multi-color Pink Quartz and Tourmaline Necklace by TorikaEnergetics via @Etsy has the astounding ability to transform your existing wardrobe and express your personal style. An accent in your fashion, trendy, with a refined and edgy look. See more here:

rose-quartz-and-agate-necklace3 rose-quartz-and-agate-necklace6 rose-quartz-and-agate-necklace7

Proper Care

Don’t store tourmaline with harder gemstones or other materials that might rub against it and cause damage. As with all gems, protect tourmaline from scratches and sharp blows that could shatter it. Also, avoid large temperature changes that can cause the crystal to fracture (such as leaving it near a heater vent or in a hot car).

Do not clean tourmaline in a home ultrasonic cleaner. Tourmaline jewelry can be cleaned with a mild solution of gentle dishwashing detergent and water at home. Soak the stone for 10-20 minutes, then wipe gently but firmly with a wash towel.

Imagine a day in which you can be in the midst of chaos but maintain a clear head and sense of balance and focus. TorikaEnergetics accessories are specifically designed for Mindful Woman to feel more peaceful, focused, and happy in the middle of her busy life.

Semiprecious gemstones jewelry for empowering your life!


“I heart Love” Set ~ Aventurine and Green Quartz Set

Green Quartz and Aventurine

I Heart Love Jewelry Set

Having unresolved emotional issues? Get your emotions in balance with our heart harmonizing gems necklace.

Gemstones: Green quartz and aventurine, with silver beads and chain

Healing Properties: Green quartz is considered the “Healer of the Heart and the Soul”, can help to clear and heal the heart and emotions, to access the vibration of love, empathy and compassion. It is said to be a ‘lucky’ stone, especially in matters of love, health and money. It brings harmony, hope, optimism. Aventurine is known as a “stone of personal growth”, stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity. Promotes feelings of well-being and emotional calm. Encourages regeneration of the heart. Neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution.