Must Have Woodland Jewelry

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Pinecone Necklace

Amazingly realistic, this pine cone pendant necklace is a gorgeous, detailed reproduction of a pine cone in Sterling Silver on a delicate sterling silver chain. This versatile necklace can be worn on it’s own or layered with other chains to keep up with the current multi-chain, multi pendant fashion trend. This cute necklace is sure to attract compliments!

Sterling Silver Pinecone Necklace

Sterling Silver Pinecone Necklace

The pine cone symbolyzes the “pineal gland”, or “Third Eye” chakra, the Eye of the Soul and by association the esoteric act of awakening it. A symbol of illumination, it opens a window to higher consciousness, a sense of peacefulness and bliss, calmness and clarity.


How to wear it

Easy to wear from everyday to casual and even to a woodland themed wedding with a neutral colour scheme with bright pops of colours as opposed to traditional whites and pastel hues.

Found on

Found on

Found on

Found on


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