About Torika Energetics | Jewelry Design

Spiritual, empowering and life inspired…made with high quality charms and beautifully combined natural semi-precious gemstone beads in trendy jewelries. From boho chic to ultra glamorous, I am striving for a clean line and architectural designs. All of the stones in my jewelry have metaphysical healing properties to them, which you can find in the descriptions. But if you’d like to receive more info on the benefits, or design a custom piece for you feel free to message me!I am carefully considering various gemstones into eye-catching and often unexpected combinations, with attention to details, following the latest fashion trends and accessories magazines. My goal is to offer fashionable elegant high quality jewelry yet fresh and accessible.

Inspiration for TorikaEnergetics Jewelry stems strongly from my background in art and architecture, a plus in the design process, feeling amazingly creative and inspired. I am fascinated with gemstones and crystal stones with energetic qualities that resonate with your body’s energetic centers. That’s why you will not find glass or plastic beads around here ever ever. Only natural crystals and semiprecious gemstones, quality beads and findings. I admit to being a perfectionist!

I hope you’ll take the next step to experiment a fun new way to express a fresh style that is uniquely your own! Also if you are open to the possibilities you can also have meaningful experiences with natural stones. Even a small changes do make a difference. You don’t have to go big, you just have to go for it!

Semiprecious gemstones jewelry for empowering your life!

Visit my shop www.TorikaEnergetics@etsy.com

Spring Collection

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